Motherhood and Unconditional Love

Any mother knows that pregnancy is no easy feat. For some women it can be easy breezy and for others it is one of the toughest times in their lives. My first pregnancy was ok but it brought me heartburn for the majority of the nine months! It was even caused by water a good bit of the time. Now when water gives you heartburn, you know it’s a challenge! My second pregnancy brought a lot pain. So much so that it was hard for me just get up from a chair. And let me add that my pelvic bone popped every time I moved. Talk about pain!

But at the end of both pregnancies, the results remained the same. When I heard those first cries, all the pain, all the heartburn, and all the discomfort was worth those moments. Everything immediately went out of the window as I held each of my sons for the first time. The love I felt was beyond anything that I could comprehend. Now any loving parent knows that children can be quite….active. So active that it can get to the point where we’re ready to pull our hair out! But at the end of the day, when they rest their eyes, I know for me, I’m ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Now when I look at my sons, not only am I constantly reminded of how much I love them, but also of how much God loves ME! Just like any loving parent, God loves HIS children unconditionally. When I was younger, I knew that God was there but I didn’t fully understand until I became a parent myself. Like my own children I’ve made slews of mistakes and will continue to make them because we all fall short. But everyday God reminds me that HE is there for me and if I continue to rely on HIM, everything will fall in place.

And Remember to Always Pray and Keep Pushing!

MotherhoodCherise Scott